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New Technology

Dental Digital Impressions, Dr. Ed Morgan

Digital Impressions: Introducing new digital impressions! No trays, no mess, and no gagging. Now offered for crowns, bridges, and dental implants. Digital impression technology is another way we are committed to providing the highest standards of comfort and quality to Morgan Dentistry patients.

Digital X-Rays: Digital X-rays arc a technology that allows greater diagnostic value while decreasing exposure to you. When your X-rays are taken, they are immediately available to be viewed on our computer monitor. We can review the images with you while you're in the office and zoom in so that you and Dr. Morgan can see and discuss problem areas together. Dr. Morgan can view the image in many formats that allow him to gain more diagnostic information than available with a conventional X-ray film.

Intra-oral Camera: Have you ever tried to get a good look at your teeth? Maybe you've tried a mirror or mirrors to see the back of your front tooth or a back tooth. Dr. Morgan can now take a picture of these impossible to see areas, so that you can see them magnified on a monitor instantly. Not only does this help you to understand our recommendations and your dental care, but it is also an excellent diagnostic instrument to check hard-to-see areas of the mouth and find the cause of your symptoms.

Dental Digital Impressions, Dr. Ed Morgan